Sunday, August 27, 2006

The change...

and so begins the shift from summer into fall. rain pours as though oceans released from skies, something pent up, something hidden, something to greet gardens spiralling to grey...

still tomatoes, still a few beans, basil has grown high, zinnias & sunflowers still chorus life but
today, I have made my first fire of the season to ward off cool, to keep light and heat close,

to believe that comfort is still possible. I hope to change my mind, to shift its view of weather
before snow, to enjoy each moment, live to the full. when younger, I was an optimist. change

has sent sensations I scarcely recognize, a certain sadness when light fades early and shadows
begin. there are solutions in the scent of roasted chicken, a potato yellow and fresh, a squash.

sweet peas still climb their colourful way about the garden, yellow still ranges across the back
fence, summer will send its last pinwheel soaring soon and I will wave goodbye, till next time.


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