Friday, March 09, 2007


Checked out, as I often do, and found a review of my reading, which I share, feeling a little spicy:

Next up was Heather Cardin, a seasoned performer with tremendous presence. She gave a dramatic delivery of "Capable" (Bywords, Winter 2006), an homage to "women past / poets who left a mark." Then, Cardin treated the audience to "Belizan Tales" a post-colonial piece whose highlight is a monologue by the saucy Creole-speaking Carlos Seguera (wonderfully mimicked by Cardin), followed by a rejoinder from a cynical, civil British soldier who longs for tea and crumpets.

Small notes: Belizean, Segura would be the more accurate spellings...this is also the reading where I contributed to nasty rumors of the early demise of Adrienne Rich.


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